The English Program at Triamudomsuksapattanakarn school has been running successfully for 6 years and currently includes Matayom 1 through Matayom 6. T.U.P.'s 6 air-conditioned state-of-the-art classrooms, paired with a fully-equipped computer lab, will further enhance this world-class institution's modernistic goals and achievements. Each classroom has a projector, television, and sound system to enhance the teaching and learning experience.
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We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear!


TUP's EP students have access to a wide range of academic and cultural programs, as well as the opportunity to take part in cultural activities.
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EP Athletic programs

Ep has participated in a variety of athletic activities that allowed students to show their passion for sports.
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EP Camps

Ep camps are giving students the chance to excel in several social skills, from developing new relationships to strengthening old bonds.
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Students work on a variety of projects from various classes that allow them to demonstrate their creativity and understanding of what they have learned.
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Admissions Result For M6/3

You dreamt, you planned, you believed, you worked, and you conquered. The road to success in your career continues as you've achieved new milestones in education. Read more

Admissions Result For M6/11

You planned, you believed, you worked, and you triumphed. As you've reached new educational milestones, your path to professional success continues.
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Online classes Report

The COVID-19 has caused school closures throughout Thailand. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the notable rise of e-learning, in which teaching is done remotely and on digital platforms.
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