Welcome To Triampat EP

Our Story

T.U.P. E.P. English program has been running successfully for 10 years and currently includes Matthayom 1 to Matthayom 6. Please visit our teachers and staff pages to learn more about the people who make this program possible and visit the gallery to see some photos of our various activities throughout the year. Triamudomsuksapattanakarn school English Program utilizes 6, fully-equipped, modern, air conditioned, classrooms and a fully-equipped computer lab. Each classrooms is fitted with a projector, television and sound system to fully enhance the teaching and learning environment. Students enjoy these modern surroundings which help them to reach their potential. Students and teachers alike, enjoy the air conditioned classrooms, which lets them concentrate on the lesson at hand instead of the uncomfortable heat.

School vision

"Aiming to promote and develop learners up to the quality of international standards; thus promoting the characteristics of of globalism all while nurturing an existence of happiness within our society. "


To cultivate each student’s academic and ethical excellence to meet international standards within the context of Thai culture.


Our international standards, whose primary goal is to graduate globally competitive students, are based on a highly competent faculty who prioritize professional development and lifelong learning as important aspects of our students' aspirations. The technological component is broadening our students' knowledge across subjects, thanks to the unwavering support of our student-centered administration. Providing opportunities for the "Children of Triampat EP" to become active participants in a variety of sectors. Our goal at Triampat is to have developed highly competent team players who will become active participants on a national scale, within ASEAN and in the ever-evolving global societies.