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World Class Education'Progress Through Excellence'
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Welcome to Triampat E.P.


The Royal Cremation Day with TUP EP Scout Volunteer

Student Exchange Association

At Triamudomsuksa Pattanakarn School we were recently honored by one of our top students with her academic accomplishment. Natsinee Polvipart (Mathayom 5 Class 3) was presented the top prize of the entire competition, the USA Full Grant scholarship by the S.E.A (Student Exchange Association) for half of a million THB. Not only was there a vast number of competitors standing in her way of success, Natsinee also had to stay strong and focused in order to complete the test that the S.E.A had prepared for her, and even then after she had to complete an incredible interview. When asked about the competition, Natsinee said “The test honestly wasn’t the hard part, it blew over the way light rain blows away with the wind. It was almost kind of peaceful. The hard part was the interview, I had no idea what to expect. Each question seemed more random from the last, going from politics to the environment around the world in the time span of two questions.” Here at Triamudomsuksa Pattanakarn School we are incredibly proud of Natsinee Polvipart and all of our students, and we only hope the continuation of greatness by our students in the present, through the future.

Essay Contest Winner

"Democratic Space And How To Find It"

The English Program of Triamudomsuksa Pattanakarn School is proud another of our outstanding students , Suphanut Aneknumwong, from M 5/11 as he was the winner of an essay contest. The topic was “Democratic Space And How to Find It” part of the Chula Expo 2017 organized by the Faculty of Politcal Science of Chulalongkorn University.Talking with Suphanut “Jui” Aneknumwong, about his recent award at the Academic Article Competition, he was delighted to receive the award. He didn’t think it was possible to win, but he discussed how he wanted to write something that he felt strongly about. “I wanted to talk about democratic freedom in a place where it isn’t always easy.” He went on to discuss how politics are a high heated topic as well as a much restricted topic. His topic included the idea of “democratic space” and how to find it. Upon talking with him further he stated that before we must have an idea of democratic politics, we must first show characteristics of critical thinking. Thus critical thinking leads to more logical decisions to be made in the future. When asked if he might think about pursuing a career in political writing, he hesitated in saying yes, but acknowledged his strength and agreed it’s a possibility.

Triamudomsuksapattanakarn School English Program

T.U.P. E.P. This English program has been running successfully for 4 years and currently includes Matthayom 1 to Matthayom 4. Please visit our teachers and staff pages to learn more about the people who make this program possible and visit the gallery to see some photos of our various activities throughout the year.

Triamudomsuksa Pattanakarn's English Program utilizes 6, fully-equipped, modern, air conditioned, classrooms and a fully-equipped computer lab. Each classrooms is fitted with a projector, television and sound system to fully enhance the teaching and learning environment.

Students enjoy these modern surroundings which help them to reach their potential. Students and teachers alike, enjoy the air conditioned classrooms, which lets them concentrate on the lesson at hand instead of the uncomfortable heat.

school's vision

Dr. Wandee Naksukpan
School Director

"To Promote and Develop Learners to Live in Harmony and Also to Be Able to Reach the International Standards with World Class Character"

SCHOOL'S mission

1. To Develop and Improve Stuents to Meet International Standards.

2. To Create Global Citizens with Desirable Characteristics.

3. Create an Educational System that will have a Positive Impact Towards the Quality of the Students.

4. To Develop and Equip our Educators with the Proper Knowledge and Skills in Teaching.

5. To Develop the Management of the School using Technology.

6. To Create an Education System that Involves Everyone.


"Academic and Ethical Excellence"

school's identity

"Cultivating students' Academic and Ethical Excellence"

students' identity

"Empowered with Academic and Ethical Excellence"



Anti Aids Activities.


1-2 Friday-Saturday
Japanese Excursion M. 4-6.


4-13 Monday-Wednesday
Submission of Mid-Semester Exam Papers.


Father's Day.


One Day Trip M.4


Compensatory Holiday for Constitution Day.


14-15 Thursday-Friday
Preparation of Mid-Semester Exam Papers.


15-16 Friday-Saturday
Chinese Excursion M.4-6.


16-18 Saturday-Monday
EP Together Camp M.1-5 @ Chonburi.


Big Cleaning Day.


18-19 Monday-Tuesday
Mid-Semester Exam Paper Preparation ( Science Dapt.).


20-21 Wednesday-Thursday
Mid-Semester Exam Paper Preparation ( Math / Social Studies).


22 Friday
Christmas Celebration ( Foreign Dept.).


25-29 Monday-Friday
Mid-Semester 2 Exam.



December 16-18 Saturday-Monday
EP Stronger Together Camp M. 1-5 to Chonburi.


December 22 Friday
Christmas Celebration M. 1-5.


January 25-26, 2018 Thursday-Friday


January 28, 2018 Sunday
T.U.P. Foreign Languages Program Open House.


March 5, 2018 Monday
English Proficiency Examination M. 1-5.


March 16 - April 6, 2018
English Skills Developement Activities M.2 and M.5.