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Academic Courses

The Thai Ministry of Education serves as the foundation for the TUP English Program's learning curriculum (The Basic Education Core Curriculum 2008).

Thai Language

Based on language application knowledge skills and culture; joy in and respect of Thai wisdom; and pride in national language.

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Foreign Languages

This curriculum acknowledges the diversity of students who learn English in the English Program.It is based on the belief that all students have the ability to learn English and deserve the chance to do so.

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Learning Mathematics teaches various abilities that aid in the growth of the human thinking. It teaches the student to think logically and rationally, to assess many sorts of circumstances, to anticipate and plan, and to think critically. make decisions and resolve issues.

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The purpose of science training at Tup Ep is to advance scientifically literate students who suppose significantly to remedy issues and make knowledgeable selections in their world. The science curriculum is designed to enhance conceptual understanding, skills, processes, and attitudes via exploration and inquiry..

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Social Studies, Religion and Culture

This curriculum focuses on peaceful coexistence in Thai society and the global community; good citizenship; faith in religious teachings; resource and environmental appreciation; and patriotism and pride in Thai-ness.

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This curriculum focuses on teaching students how to develop knowledge, understanding, moral principles, ethical behaviors, admiration, appreciation of the beauty of things we see and hear as well as of the nature and environment of Thai visual arts, music, and dancing, as well as how to be able to appropriately analyze such art forms.

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Health and Physical Education

The PE program in high school continues to build confidence and skill in sports. The program's primary goal is to investigate transferrable movement abilities in a number of sports and activities (basketball, volleyball, badminton, football, swimming, and softball). Students will begin to apply their knowledge of activity components, simplify their own fitness and activity interests, and explore new competitive and leisure activities.

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Occupations and Technology

This curriculum integrate creativity and invention across a wide range of technologies and settings, resulting in an iterative process in which all students benefit from learning about and working with current, rapidly developing, and traditional technologies that influence our world.

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