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Note : Happy New Year

English Program Teachers' Development Retreat: Enhancing Professional Growth and Collaboration at Manao Beach

On October 15-16, 2023, the English Program Department orchestrated a transformative Teachers' Development Retreat at the scenic Manao Beach, Prachuap Khiri Khan. This two-day event was meticulously designed to cultivate not only professional growth but also a culture of collaboration among educators. The retreat served as a platform for teachers to engage in enriching discussions, share best practices, and participate in targeted activities aimed at refining their teaching methodologies. By fostering an environment of collaboration and knowledge exchange, the retreat aimed to enhance the overall educational experience for students. The collective expertise and insights gathered during the event were envisioned to contribute significantly to the continuous improvement of teaching practices within the English Program Department. Ultimately, the investment in teachers' professional development was seen as a direct investment in elevating the quality of education provided to students, ensuring a more enriching and effective learning environment.