499 Phatthanakan 58, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250
Note : Happy New Year

TUP English Program M4-M6 Students: 'Save the Earth' Integrated Camp at Fountain Tree Resort

From August 17th to 19th, 2023, an immersive and educational experience unfolded as students from the TUP English Program, spanning grades M4 to M6, actively took part in an Environmental Management and Sustainability (E.M.S) Integrated Camp. This impactful camp was meticulously crafted around the compelling theme of 'Save the Earth,' aiming to instill a sense of environmental consciousness among the participating students. The picturesque Fountain Tree Resort in Nakhon Ratchasima served as the ideal backdrop for this three-day event. Against the serene natural setting, students engaged in a series of hands-on activities, workshops, and discussions that not only deepened their understanding of environmental issues but also empowered them to be proactive stewards of the planet. Throughout the camp, the students explored various aspects of sustainability, conservation, and eco-friendly practices. They delved into practical applications of environmental management, aligning their experiences with the overarching theme of 'Save the Earth.' Beyond the classroom, the camp provided a unique platform for students to connect with nature, fostering a genuine appreciation for the environment. This meaningful and enriching experience at the Fountain Tree Resort was more than just a camp; it was a journey that aimed to shape environmentally conscious individuals, equipping them with the knowledge and motivation to contribute positively to the well-being of our planet.